Knit Wars Episode VI: Return of Oblique

Well, this is certainly unexpected! This morning I started working on my Oblique cardigan again. (Heehee. Cardiganagain…heehee. *ahem* Sorry.) To what do we owe this sudden change of events? Mostly we owe it to the fact that I’ve finished the body of the Union Square Market Pullover, but I can’t cast on the sleeves because my circular needles are too long. I’ve ordered another set of size 4 tips for my interchangeables so I can knit the sleeves on two circulars. I don’t know if I have enough courage to try doing them at the same time, though. I think the short rows would throw me off.

Due to this delay, I haven’t knit anything in a week (although I did start, knit an inch, and rip up a second pair of Endpaper Mitts because I didn’t like quite like the colors I was using. I may use the remnants from the USMP to make some, though.)  This morning I was really starting to feel the itch, so I dug up my Oblique sleeve in progress. The reason I hadn’t been working on it is that I had to tink about 3 rows to fix a mistake, but I was able to complete that task on the way to work. (Kevin was driving, of course!) So now I’m making positive progress again. Maybe it’s the crispness in the air as fall approaches, but I’m really looking forward to working on this sweater again. It’ll be so nice to snuggle up in it when it’s complete.


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