Also-ran, or: Knitter, know thyself

Well, I failed to finish my Union Square Market Pullover in time for the end of the Ravelympics. What the hell was I thinking? Fingering weight yarn on size 4s? Of course I can’t knit an entire sweater with those tools in a measly 17 days!

Besides the fact that me trying to do the Sweater Sprint in those conditions was the equivalent of a couch potato hoping to win an Actual Olympic Sprint, I couldn’t knit as much as I wanted to, because I was having some sore wrist issues. I decided to ease up on my wrist-twisting activities a bit rather than risk not being able to do any of them for the rest of my life.

Despite that, I have been very diligent about continuing to plug away at it even though the Ravelympics are over! In fact, Kevin even commented that he was impressed that I was still working so hard on it! 🙂 Of course, with the amount of projects I have languishing in various states of completion, I suppose it doesn’t take much to impress him. 😉

You know, despite the fact that I’ve only written 21 entries in this blog so far, I’ve already managed to write more than one about how knitting sweaters invariably makes me wish I were knitting a sock instead. And yet what have I found myself doing for the past few weeks on Ravelry? Queuing sweaters like I’m getting paid per click of the Queue button. I think I’m slowly coming to a realization:

I am a Sweater Knitter.

Like any other knitter, once I get to the sleeves, I feel like cursing everything from my slow knitting speed to the very fact that sweaters exist in the first place. But more and more these days, even when I’m wrist-deep in the Finely Knit Sweater That Will Not End…I’ve already got yarn and patterns picked out for my next few sweaters.

I think next up will be the Kelso Lace Cardigan from Beat Knitting. I’ve actually had that in my Ravelry queue for months, but forgot about it until recently, and then realized “Hey, that’s a really cute sweater.” Then I discovered it wasn’t even available yet! So I’ve been stalking her blog, and calloo callay, it’s available! I’m thinking of hunting down some Cascade Pima Silk for it.

After that will most likely be the February Lady Sweater, which apparently was just released a few months ago, but has Taken. Over. Ravelry. Holy cow, over a thousand projects and several thousand queues, and who can blame them? It’s simple, beautiful, and dammit that should have been my Ravelympics project. I’m thinking Dream In Color Classy for this one.

And then another sweater, and another, and another…


August 29, 2008. Uncategorized.

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