Monkeys and palm trees

Well, my first Monkey sock was finished about a week ago, but I’ve been putting off knitting the second one, because I’m leaving tomorrow for St. Thomas! I figure that second Monkey will be the perfect vacation knitting, and the plane ride + layover is so long that I may even get the whole thing done on the trip!

I haven’t been doing a ton of knitting in the meantime, but what little time I have devoted to it has been spent on my Oblique cardigan. It’s really satisfying to go back to it after a few months and still be able to knit the pattern more or less from memory. It’s such a nice, simple pattern with such stylish looking results.

Of course another factor in knitting pattern repeats from memory without having to constantly consult the printout is being able to read one’s knitting. I’ve come a long way in the approximately 1.5 years I’ve been knitting when it comes to reading my work. After awhile, you really get the hang of recognizing a k2tog when you see one, knowing exactly when the next yarnover needs to be made, and remembering whether you’re supposed to knit or purl this row.

Being able to read one’s knitting is also extremely helpful when it comes to fixing big screw-ups. When I first started knitting, I practiced by making small swatches, and if I made one mistake, I would rip the whole swatch up and start over. I am SO GLAD to be past that stage, because I cringe at the thought of ripping up an entire sleeve just to fix a mistake a few rows back. ^_~ Dropping down a column of stitches and then bringing them back up with a crochet hook is probably one of the most valuable knitting techniques I’ve learned so far.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to get all philosophical here. I’m still on the first sleeve of the Oblique cardigan, and starting the increases. I thought about taking it to St. Thomas as well, in case (heaven forbid) I finish the Monkey more quickly than expected, but…I just don’t know if I can bring myself to knit a sweater in a tropical climate.


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