Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s holiday season was enjoyable, and that you have a great 2008. My New Year’s resolution? To be a better knit blogger, of course.

Although I haven’t yet been happy enough with my hair on any given day to obtain photographic evidence, you’ll be happy to know that I met my goal of having the zipper sewn onto Roam by December 23rd. I wore the sweater to my family Christmas party, where it got many compliments and joking (I hope) requests for knit sweaters. As soon as I have a good hair day, I’ll get a picture of myself wearing it.

HOWEVER, I come bearing other gifts. First of all, a sampling of snowflakes:

Those are the Annie, Juliet, and Emma Snowflakes, respectively. They were fairly easy to knit, although there was a lot of weaving in of ends involved. I’m very happy with them.

As a bonus, I have some Oblique progress to show off. I’ve actually got the front and the back done, but I only took pictures of the back because….well, the front is pretty much the same thing, only split in two.

I’m really loving how it’s turning out. Is it a sign of knitting nerd-dom that I’m giddy with anticipation to do the short-row collar?


January 2, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. rhiannonrevolts replied:

    Great snowflakes and yay for Roam. Woot.

    fwiw, I’m a sucker for short rows, so fear not.

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