I might splurge…

Ok, so my idea of splurging is probably not a hardcore yarnie’s idea of splurging, but considering I almost always use Paton’s Pure Merino as my general purpose worsted weight, this is splurging to me.

I think I might use Malabrigo for Oblique when I make it. I hear from the ladies at my knitting group that it’s wonderful, and the price is actually not bad at all. And since Oblique only takes maybe around 900 yards, I’ll only need 4-5 balls, so I think it’s a good way to ease into the world of nicer yarns. ^_^

Now my only problem is to try to finish seaming Sesame AND sew the zipper onto Roam by Saturday, so I can go yarn shopping without my husband making me feel guilty. ^_~

We’re going to my parents’ house tonight for the Packer game, so I think I’ll be able to get some good seam action going. I’ve actually made good progress in the past two days; the left sleeve is set in and the side/sleeve seam is almost done, with just another inch or two left on the cuff. I think the second sleeve will go a lot faster than the first; there was a little bit of trial and error involved with getting the sleeve cap to look nice, but now I feel like I know what I’m doing. I’m actually fairly proud of my first set-in sleeves. (Roam has raglan sleeves, if you recall.)

Lately I’d been thinking that someday I’d like to own a yarn store, but after reading some posts on Ravelry in the LYS owners group, I don’t think I will. Sounds like way more business than pleasure, and I think I like actually knitting much better than helping others knit.


November 29, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. rhiannonrevolts replied:

    If you can get to The Yarn House tomorrow (before the weather turns Arctic), they have a pretty good price on Malabrigo–it was $10.75/210 yd skein last time I was there, for worsted.

  2. stitchuesque replied:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely have to check that out.

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