Random thoughts

Sesame’s still truckin’ along, so until I have some actual news to report, here’s a smattering of thoughts.

My second visit to the knitting group at Perk ‘n’ Pub was as enjoyable as the first. I got to show off my Endpaper Mitts, and I always enjoy seeing what other people are knitting. I also have a new fascination with watching people to see if they knit English or Continental. (I’m a thrower, myself, although one of these days I’ll probably give my left hand a chance to audition for Preferred Knitting Hand.)

I would primarily categorize myself as a product knitter. Knitting, for me, is mostly driven by seeing things I’d like to wear or that I’d like to give to someone else as a gift. I do have some elements of a process knitter, though. I strongly prefer to learn at least one new technique every time I knit. My first project involved ribbing, my second had cables, the next one was an illusion knit, the next one had an i-cord bind off. My projects have taught me seaming, mitered squares, lace, short rows, and most recently, colorwork. Sesame will teach me buttonholes, and Roam will teach me how to sew a %$#@ zipper on.

Speaking of Roam, I’ve also discovered over this past year that while I really enjoy knitting, I’m not a fan of finishing. Guh. But, it must be done, so this product knitter can actually wear her products.

For example, I have yet to knit the neck and armhole ribbing for the ProtoPretty DNA Tank top:

It would be so easy to do, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Maybe this weekend should be Round 2 of Finishing UFOs Weekend.


November 14, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. rhiannonrevolts replied:

    I’m, as you probably noticed, a thrower, but I can’t decide whether or not I’m process or product. Some weird combination of the two, probably: cessduct?

    …that didn’t sound right.

    Anyway, I like the end item, but I have to have some part of the process be interesting, or I can’t focus. Probably I’m more process, though, as once the project’s complete, it’s just another thing.

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