I might splurge…

Ok, so my idea of splurging is probably not a hardcore yarnie’s idea of splurging, but considering I almost always use Paton’s Pure Merino as my general purpose worsted weight, this is splurging to me.

I think I might use Malabrigo for Oblique when I make it. I hear from the ladies at my knitting group that it’s wonderful, and the price is actually not bad at all. And since Oblique only takes maybe around 900 yards, I’ll only need 4-5 balls, so I think it’s a good way to ease into the world of nicer yarns. ^_^

Now my only problem is to try to finish seaming Sesame AND sew the zipper onto Roam by Saturday, so I can go yarn shopping without my husband making me feel guilty. ^_~

We’re going to my parents’ house tonight for the Packer game, so I think I’ll be able to get some good seam action going. I’ve actually made good progress in the past two days; the left sleeve is set in and the side/sleeve seam is almost done, with just another inch or two left on the cuff. I think the second sleeve will go a lot faster than the first; there was a little bit of trial and error involved with getting the sleeve cap to look nice, but now I feel like I know what I’m doing. I’m actually fairly proud of my first set-in sleeves. (Roam has raglan sleeves, if you recall.)

Lately I’d been thinking that someday I’d like to own a yarn store, but after reading some posts on Ravelry in the LYS owners group, I don’t think I will. Sounds like way more business than pleasure, and I think I like actually knitting much better than helping others knit.


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I’ve been an absentee knit blogger! Sorry about that.

Sesame is very close to being done. I set in my first sleeve yesterday, so I should be able to do the other one tonight, as well as seaming the sides. Have I mentioned that I love doing mattress stitch? I really do.

I’ve also started making a scarf for my mother-in-law for Christmas, based on this pattern. It’s going fairly quickly, and I like the way it looks. Pictures, of course, are pending. I’ll try to figure out my camera settings tonight so I don’t have to wait until Saturday to take pictures in sunlight.

Now that I think of it though, it is light outside when I leave for work in the morning. Hmm…maybe I should add knitting photography to my morning routine. ^_~

I think I may put the Vogue sweater coat project on the back burner for now, and instead do Oblique from Knitty. It didn’t do much for me when I first saw it, but the more I look at it, the more it’s growing on me. I definitely like it closed better than open, and I think I prefer it in a light color like the one in the Knitty pictures. I feel that it shows off the lace pattern a little better.

Consequently, I’ll probably put Q on hold as well, since I was going to order fingering weight yarn from Knitpicks at the same time I order the yarn for the cable coat. We’ll see though; I’ll probably be going to a yarn store this weekend to look for yarn for Oblique, and if I find some nice sock yarn that won’t cost me an arm and a leg, I’ll go for it. ^_^

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Calloo Callay!

Last night, on a whim, I went to the library about a half-hour before they closed, with the intention of picking up Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting. I ended up with that, Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and Knitting In Plain English by Maggie Righetti. PLUS, I noticed they had some back issues of Vogue Knitting available for checkout. Now, I’ve had my eye out for the Holiday 2006 issue of Vogue Knitting for at least a month or two. In particular, I like this (minus the hideous dress and the wheelbarrow, that is):

and this:

(I like what I’ve seen several people do on Ravelry, which is to eliminate the belt and add buttons.)

Anyway, at first when I was looking at the back issues, the most recent one I saw was Fall 2006. I was briefly disappointed, until I noticed that there were a few more issues slightly further to the right, with some books in between. I spotted the Holiday 2006, audibly gasped, and snatched it! I’m so excited.

I think the next project I do is going to be Q after all. I’m really confident in my colorwork after doing the Mitts. I’m probably not going to do it on circulars as the pattern is written, but just on the good old DPNs.

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Random thoughts

Sesame’s still truckin’ along, so until I have some actual news to report, here’s a smattering of thoughts.

My second visit to the knitting group at Perk ‘n’ Pub was as enjoyable as the first. I got to show off my Endpaper Mitts, and I always enjoy seeing what other people are knitting. I also have a new fascination with watching people to see if they knit English or Continental. (I’m a thrower, myself, although one of these days I’ll probably give my left hand a chance to audition for Preferred Knitting Hand.)

I would primarily categorize myself as a product knitter. Knitting, for me, is mostly driven by seeing things I’d like to wear or that I’d like to give to someone else as a gift. I do have some elements of a process knitter, though. I strongly prefer to learn at least one new technique every time I knit. My first project involved ribbing, my second had cables, the next one was an illusion knit, the next one had an i-cord bind off. My projects have taught me seaming, mitered squares, lace, short rows, and most recently, colorwork. Sesame will teach me buttonholes, and Roam will teach me how to sew a %$#@ zipper on.

Speaking of Roam, I’ve also discovered over this past year that while I really enjoy knitting, I’m not a fan of finishing. Guh. But, it must be done, so this product knitter can actually wear her products.

For example, I have yet to knit the neck and armhole ribbing for the ProtoPretty DNA Tank top:

It would be so easy to do, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Maybe this weekend should be Round 2 of Finishing UFOs Weekend.

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Well, I was partially successful…

…with my attempt at Finishing UFOs Weekend. After I finished the Endpaper Mitts, I also wove in the ends on Hedera, so they’re officially done.

I was amazed, upon turning them inside out, at how much they’ve felted in the few times that I’ve worn them. There was one yarn end on the inside of one of the toes that I didn’t even have to weave in, because it had felted so much; I just snipped it short. The bottoms of the socks have also gotten really smooth.

I started to remove the Wrong Zipper from my Roam hoodie, but became impatient and decided to continue knitting Sesame instead. I tell you, after all that colorwork, regular old stockinette just flies by. I’ll probably be able to finish the left front tonight and start the sleeves.

Here’s a picture of (the back of) Roam anyway, though:

The colors are a lot blobbier on my Roam than the one in the pictures in the pattern; in hindsight, I probably should have switched balls of yarn frequently to avoid that. I think the blobbiness is growing on me, though. It sort of looks like camouflage! You know, if I’m trying to hide in a chocolate-covered cherry factory or something.

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I’m so excited, for several reasons.

First of all, I finished my Endpaper Mitts today, and I love them! Furthermore, I have pictures to share!

Overall, I’m very pleased with my first attempt at colorwork, and I can’t wait to do more! After I work through all the single-color projects sitting in my queue…Q…oh wait, I just remembered,  Q is in my queue! Well well, that just changes everything, doesn’t it? ^_~

The second reason I’m excited is that within 5 minutes of sharing my completed Endpaper Mitts with the We See Eunny Knit group on Ravelry, I got two comments and one favorite!

The third reason I’m excited is that when I signed into Ravelry, I had a message in my inbox asking for permission to use a picture of my completed Aran Pillows on the Ravelry page for that pattern! Sweet! Granted, only one other person has a project listed for that pattern, and I don’t believe they have any pictures posted, but still! Exciting! (The pattern I used is this one from CanadianLiving.com, by the way.)

And finally, I’m excited to go to the knitting group again tomorrow night!

Wow, just look at all those exclamation points. That’s a lot of knitting excitement in one day. ^_^

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No pictures yet, unfortunately

Due to Daylight Saving Time ending this past weekend, it is now dark when I get home from work, which throws a wrench in my plans to take pictures.

You see, I received a nice little digital camera for Christmas last year, and I have yet to figure out how to expertly use the settings to provide the optimal focus and color in various lighting situations. Right now, the only time I seem to consistently get quality pictures is when I take them in natural sunlight. Now you see my problem.

I finished the first Endpaper Mitt last night, after struggling not once, not twice, but three times with starting the tubular bind-off. On the first attempt, my yarn got caught on one of the needles without me noticing, until several stitches later when I realized I had a big loop sticking out. The second time around, I just plain didn’t like how loose the bound-off stitches looked. The third time was the charm, and my bind-off actually looks fairly decent.

I even took the time to weave in all the ends BEFORE starting my second mitt! That’s more than I can say for my poor Hedera socks, which are still patiently waiting to get their ends woven in. (Note: This has not prevented me from wearing them about half a dozen times.)

So, the second mitt is cast-on and joined, and the first few rows of ribbing are started. I hope to get it done by this weekend so I can show them off next Monday, and actually be knitting something else at the meeting. If I do get it done, I will also decree it to be Finishing UFOs Weekend. I will finally weave in the ends of those socks, and finish the zipper and hood on Roam. MARK MY WORDS.

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First official knitting blog post, or Why I Knit Inside-Out

Welcome to the first post of my official knitting blog! I’ve had a regular old blog over at Livejournal for about 3.5 years, but lately I’ve been talking about knitting so much that I think it’s time to spare the sensibilities of my LJ friends and break off the knitting talk into a completely separate blog.

SO, let the games begin!

Saturday night I broke new ground in my ongoing quest to Be The Best Knitter I Can Be: I performed my first tubular cast-on. The Italian Tubular Cast-on, to be exact. It was a little scary, especially when it came time to pull the yarn out from inside the tube, but it was worth it!

The purpose of all that? To make Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. I’ve been wanting to knit these puppies almost as long as I’ve been aware of Eunny’s blog (so, about eight months), and the sudden drop in temperature around here inspired me to temporarily drop the Sesame I was working on, so I could make something to keep my hands warm for my winter knitting projects. I’m almost done with the first mitt, and I’m very pleased at how well my first foray into colorwork is going. (Pictures forthcoming.)

Last night I went to my first knitting meet ever. I met up at Perk ‘n’ Pub with some ladies I met in the Wisconsin group on Ravelry. It was so nice to not only hang out with knitters, but to hang out with knitters who are aware of things like Ravelry, Knitty, etc. I mean, sure, my grandma knows how to knit, but there’s a bit of a disconnect between generations of knitters pre and post-internet.

A couple of the ladies were surprised to see me knitting my Endpaper Mitts inside out on the DPNs. Yeah, about that. I’ve only done about two projects on DPNs, and I’m aware that I knit inside-out. It never occurred to me that I’m in the minority on that; for some reason I feel like the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch book (from which I primarily taught myself to knit) specifically told me to hold the working needles away from me, but maybe I’ve got it mixed up. Either way, I don’t consider it a problem, as long as I’m aware that the right side of my work is on the inside as I knit. In fact, when starting the Endpaper Mitts, I toyed with the idea of knitting right-side-out for once, but didn’t for two reasons:

1. I’m used to the inside-out method.

2. Knitting inside-out prevents my floats from cutting straight across at the corners between needles, and keeps the floats at a looser tension in general, which I like.

So…that’s that!

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